YoYoFactory Kim23
YoYoFactory Kim23

YoYoFactory Kim23

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The YoYoFactory Kim23 is the signature mono metal yoyo of Mir & Miri Kim who each won their respective divisions at the 2023 World Yoyo Contest.  The KIM23 uses a combination of an aluminium body with plastic rims.  This allows the you to play like a modern metal yoyo but the hand feel and impact when catching is more akin to plastic. Robust and stylish, the KIM23 is a must have for any YoYoFactory fan.  


  • Weight - 65.83g
  • Diameter - 55.4mm
  • Width - 47.8mm
  • Materials 6061 Aluminium Body with Plastic Rims
  • Bearing - Size C Centre Track